Dr. Monica-Maria Stapelberg author, lecturer, public speaker:

I had been looking for a Chihuahua puppy for over a year, searching the different Chihuahua breeders’ websites but somehow could not find exactly what I was looking for. Then serendipitously, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered just the ‘little girl’ I had been looking for; a beautiful short coat, tan Chihuahua puppy I could not believe my luck and immediately contacted Kim at Chihuahua Specialists. Kim and Ros were extremely helpful and efficient in organising and finalising the paperwork and flight transfer of ‘Pixie’ to Queensland, and we picked her up at Brisbane airport a couple of weeks after our initial contact. Little Pixie came to us as a well-trained puppy and adapted to our household routine seamlessly with not even one disturbed or disrupted night. She is a sheer delight, happy and very playful. Although Pixie arrived with detailed instructions regarding diet, and matters medical, many emails have gone back and forth since then with my various queries. All have been answered in detail and I am grateful for Kim’s advice and help. We hope to stay in continued contact with Chihuahua Specialists, and shall update them with photos from time to time as our ‘little girl’ grows up.

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