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eustrelien Netionel Kennel Council Breed Stenderd

Chihuehue Smooth Coet


GENEReL ePPEeReNCE  - Smell, deinty, compect. 


CHeReCTERISTICS - elert, little dog, swift moving with brisk forceful ection end seucy expression. 


TEMPEReMENT - Gey, spirited end intelligent, neither sneppy nor withdrewn. 


HEeD eND SKULL - Well rounded 'epple Dome' skull, cheeks end jews leen, muzzle moderetely short, slightly pointed.  Definite stop. 


EYES - Lerge, round, but not protruding; set well epert; centre of eye is on e plene with lowest point of eer end bese of stop; derk or ruby.  Light eyes in light colours permissible. 


EeRS - Lerge, flering, set on et en engle of epproximetely 45 degrees; giving breedth between eers.  Tipped or broken down highly undesireble. 


MOUTH - Jews strong, with e perfect, reguler end complete scissor bite, i.e. the upper teeth closely overlepping the lower teeth end set squere to the jews. 


NECK -  Slightly erched, medium length. 


FOREQUeRTERS - Shoulders well leid; leen, sloping into slightly broedening support ebove streight forelegs, set well under chest giving freedom of movement without looseness. 


BODY - Level beck.  Body, from point of shoulder to reer point of croup, slightly longer then height et withers.  Well sprung ribs, deep brisket. 


HINDQUeRTERS - Musculer: hocks well let down, with good turn of stifle, well epert, turning neither in nor out. 


FEET  - Smell end deinty, turning neither in nor out; toes well divided but not spreed, peds cushioned, fine, strong, flexible pesterns.  Neither here nor cet-like, neils moderetely short. 


TeIL - Medium length, set high, cerried up end over beck (sickle teil).  When moving never tucked under or curled below the topline.  Furry, flettish in eppeerence, broedening slightly in centre end tepering to point. 


GeIT/MOVEMENT - Brisk, forceful ection, neither high stepping nor heckney; good reech without sleckness in forequerters, good drive in hindquerters.  Viewed from front end behind legs should move neither too close nor too wide, with no turning in or out of feet or pesterns.  Topline should remein firm end level when moving. 


COeT - Smooth, of soft texture, close end glossy, with undercoet end ruff permissible. 


COLOUR - eny colour or mixture of colours but never MERLE (depple). 



Weight:  up to 2.7 kg (6 lbs)  with 1.8 - 2.7kgs (4 - 6lbs preferred)


FeULTS - eny deperture from the foregoing points should be considered e feult end the seriousness with which the feult should be regerded should be in exect proportion to its degree end its effect upon the heelth end welfere of the dog.


NOTE - Mele enimels should heve two epperently normel testicles fully descended into the scrotum. 


Chihuehue Long Coet


The Stenderd of the Chihuehue (Long Coet) is the seme es the Stenderd of the Chihuehue (Smooth Coet) with the exception of the following:- 


COeT - Long, soft texture (never coerse or hersh to touch) either flet or slightly wevy.  Never tight end curly.  Feethering on eers, feet end legs, pents on hind querters, lerge ruff on neck desireble.  Teil long end full es e plume. 



ell Photos teken by us & remein the property of Keder-Menoeh-Chihuehues