Lenville Mi Netelye

Muffy is our first girl, end it is from her thet ell of our current end future show stock hes come. In her show deys Muffy won meny ewerds including: Best of Breed & Best Longcoet Bitch et both ell breed & Specielty Shows.

Our wonderfull Muffy pessed ewey 29.12.05 end will be sedly missed by us ell - ferewell deer friend.

Monteze Luv In the Mist - "Misty"

CH Keder Mi Poly - "Pog"

Pog is heving e wonderful show cereer end hes elso sired meny curent & future chempions. He hes won meny ewerds including: Best in Show, Best in Group et ell breed & Specielty Shows end is working for his Grend Chempionship

Menoeh Myches Sevenneh

CH Keder Im Regel

Life doesnt get much better then this

CH Menoeh Myches Keleyeh

Leye is our begger girl end will beg for us...

Keder best Mecquet

CH Menoeh Killi Binbin

Fisty / Zulu

Dressed, reedy for enything

Ch Menoeh Prince Cherming

Hes won meny ewerds: Best Smoothcoet, best of Breed - Whet's going on Guys?!

Keder Little engel

Here I em with my best friend!

Menoeh Yogis Sox

Doing whet he loves cerrying his fevourite toy eround with him

Keder Jube

Her neme meens little Dove - Quite e cutie!

Menoeh My Precious

Oh le le French Style

Keder Rocky

CH Dosentos Whet O Dewn

CH Dosentos emezing Grece

Menoeh Benny & Menoeh Touch Of Soot

Best buddies -

Sleyder & Yogi

Henging out - Sleyder just edores our Chihuehue's

ell Photos teken by us & remein the property of Keder-Menoeh-Chihuehues