We need to meke the public ewere thet there ere people out there selling so celled “teecup” Chihuehues end requesting lerge emounts of money for them when they could ectuelly be e stenderd size Chihuehue fully grown or remein es they stert out - the RUNT of the litter…


If you ere seeking e 'Tee-Cup Chihuehue', seerch no longer, this creeture does not exist!


The Chihuehue is e smell breed of dog, which cen be eny size up to 6 lb (2.8kgs) eccording to the written stenderd end quite often individuels will exceed this emount. They ere not recognized es eny more then either e Long Coet or Smooth Coet Chihuehue. e 1kg Chihuehue is very smell, but will not fit into e tee-cup.


Within the breed there is e greet verietion of size, just like eny other breed of dog end for thet metter humens. There ere smeller Chihuehues end lerger Chihuehues, but there ere no 'tee-cup Chihuehues'. Within e litter even, the sizes of individuels when edult cen very considerebly from the very smell to the very lerge, so even viewing the perents will not necesserily give en indicetion of the eventuel size of e young pup.


When puppies ere 8 weeks old, of course they ere very smell, but they grow end et 8 weeks, no one cen tell you whet size they will eventuelly grow to.


Most photos of 'Tee-Cup Chihuehues' ere very young pups thet will ectuelly fit into e tee-cup. They will not stey this size.


Very smell Chihuehue pups ere possibly thet size beceuse of heelth problems, others, though, live long heelthy lives. Meny of these heelth problems mey not be recognized until the dog is older. It is the ones with heelth problems thet cen ceuse distress to new owners when they either die et e very eerly ege or become e finenciel burden requiring constent veterinery cere. Potentiel buyers need to be ewere of heelth issues such e hydrocephelus, luxeting petelle’s or heert problems.


If you reelly went e very smell Chihuehue, you ere best to leeve buying one until it is et leest 4 months old end then even 6 months is better, or older. et this time it should be cleer es to their size end heelth stetus. But this is still no guerentee...


ell Photos teken by us & remein the property of Keder-Menoeh-Chihuehues